Do patients actually know about personalised medicine?

personalised medWith all the talk about personalised medicine being the next big thing in the treatment of cancer and other diseases, it is quite shocking that the patients themselves don’t appear to be talking about it much. I noticed this while recently doing research for an article I’m writing on personalised cancer medicine.

Despite the numerous groups that are advocating for better cancer care and access to the most cutting edge treatments, and all of the patient online support communities, there isn’t much mention of personalised medicine by the patients themselves. Yes, it’s mentioned in policy discussions and from a regulatory, scientific and business perspective, but the real stories from real patients are surprisingly scarce.

Interestingly, ecancermedicalscience, the open access journal of the European Institute of Oncology, has published a new Special Issue on personalised medicine, which talks about a project that aims to get doctors offering personalised medicine in the clinic, and to empower patients. This is indeed a step in the right direction.


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