My work

Much of my work is confidential but you can find a selection of published articles and documents below, both for consumers/patients and for businesses.

For patients (cancer)

Telling the kids you’ve got cancer (This Is Medtech)

How gene editing saved a little girl’s life (This Is Medtech)

Celebrating the end of cancer (This Is Medtech)

Make way for a new global cancer movement (This Is Medtech)

Actor Fabian Bolin (aka the Leukemia Warrior) talks about his #WarOnCancer – Part 1 (This Is Medtech)

Actor Fabian Bolin (aka the Leukemia Warrior) talks about his #WarOnCancer – Part 2 (This Is Medtech)

Mum, cancer patient’s wife and cancer doctor: one-woman’s juggling act (This Is Medtech)

The end of “one-size-fits-all” cancer treatment (This Is Medtech)

A 40th birthday blessing: one woman’s ovarian cancer story (This Is Medtech)

For patients (women’s health/family/pregnancy)

IVF and beyond: the world of mind-blowing baby tech (This Is Medtech)

Dealing with diabetes when you’re expecting (This Is Medtech)

How a journalist’s struggle with endometriosis turned into a global media campaign (This Is Medtech)

Trying for a baby when your body won’t cooperate (This Is Medtech)

The “miracle” baby who spent his first five months in hospital (This Is Medtech)

Saving babies in the womb (This Is Medtech)

How a neoprene body wrap is saving new mums’ lives (This Is Medtech)

You’re pregnant? Here are some of the tests and tech you might meet (This Is Medtech)

Your body, your decision: mums want control when it comes to childbirth (This Is Medtech)

“I wanted a home birth, but things changed quickly” (This Is Medtech)

Finding out your “healthy” baby needs open heart surgery (This Is Medtech)

Mums tell doctors how to make incubators more motherly (This Is Medtech)

When it comes to incubators, mother knows best (This Is Medtech)

For patients (chronic conditions/misc. health)

The para-triathlete with a mission (This Is Medtech)

Safe surgery is a right, not a privilege (This Is Medtech)

Living in a scent-free world (This Is Medtech)

Getting a new knee at 73 (This Is Medtech)

Better late than never: a rare heart condition discovered (This is Medtech)

Mother-turned-mental health advocate (This Is Medtech)

Spreading love on World Down Syndrome Day (This Is Medtech)

Sometimes all you need is a bear (This Is Medtech)

Supporting patients in the digital era (This Is Medtech)

Changing lives one step at a time (This Is Medtech)

Making the boat go faster (This Is Medtech)

Looking after your mental health (This Is Medtech)

Switching on your eyesight (This Is Medtech)

Giving patients the voice they deserve (This Is Medtech)

Beating diabetes can be a winning game (This Is Medtech)

When your immune system turns on you (This Is Medtech)

This MS patient welcomes an uphill climb (This Is Medtech)

Stopping seizures in their tracks (This Is Medtech)

Taking the guesswork out of your asthma (This Is Medtech)

Little Darth Vader comes out of heart surgeries with his powers intact (This Is Medtech)

Who needs Superman when you’ve got Dan McLellan for a brother? (This Is Medtech)

Four game changers in the battle against HIV/AIDS (This Is Medtech)

Roadshow (rəʊdʃəʊ/) noun: A clever way to teach deaf awareness in schools (This Is Medtech)

How to mend a (real) broken heart (This Is Medtech)

Saying thanks in a heartbeat (This Is Medtech)

Out of breath? It may not be your lungs (This Is Medtech)

How Down syndrome changed a dad’s life for the better (This Is Medtech)

Giving disabled kids the gift of movement (This Is Medtech)

Rare disease patients find comfort in numbers (This Is Medtech)

What do Hollywood, the Ellen DeGeneres Show and cerebral palsy have in common? (This Is Medtech)

The mum who’s making kids’ hearing aids cool (This Is Medtech)

What it’s like to be a mum with hepatitis (This Is Medtech)

Getting a good night’s sleep doesn’t have to be a pipe dream (This Is Medtech)

How motorcycles are saving families in Africa (This Is Medtech)

Karl: 1 – Crohn’s: 0 (This Is Medtech)

#GetYourBellyOut: Taking on inflammatory bowel disease one belly at a time (This Is Medtech)

A shout out to kids & their kidneys (This Is Medtech)

Living with dialysis, then and now (This Is Medtech)

Learning about chronic pain from Jennifer Aniston (This Is Medtech)

Hollywood and social media bring motor neuron disease into the spotlight (This Is Medtech)

When early Alzheimer’s runs in the family (This Is Medtech)

Wouldn’t it be great if we all had our own healthcare robot? (This Is Medtech)

B2B: Drug development/innovation & business strategy

European MedTech Forum: the conference captured (MedTech Engine)

Spotted: young healthcare innovators! (This Is Medtech)

Attacking Zika by modifying mosquitoes (MedNous)

Human germline editing: science is outpacing the debate (MedNous)

The elusive consensus on human gene editing (MedNous)

Genome editing scrutinised around the globe (MedNous)

Orphan medicinal products: rare diseases become common for pharma (MedNous)

Antibody-drug conjugates propelled back into the oncology spotlight (MedNous)

FP7 and beyond: making the most of EU funding (MedNous)

B2B: Pharma/medtech regulatory affairs, HTA & health policy

HTA: Mandatory joint EU assessments are coming at last (MedNous)

Revolutionising water, sanitation & hygiene (MedTech Views)

Moving towards HTA cooperation in Europe (MedNous)

What’s next for the EMA’s transparency policy? (MedNous)

The EU Clinical Trials Regulation: Legislators see light at the end of the tunnel (MedNous)

Debate heats up over access to clinical trial data (MedNous)

The EU Clinical Trials Directive: Debate over new legislation reaches final stage (MedNous)

The EU Transparency Directive: Further debate on market access (MedNous)

Value-based pricing: UK debates new pricing model for pharma (MedNous)

Reimbursement at risk: Germany expands its review of diabetes therapies (MedNous)

Adaptive Licensing: A new approach for authorising medicines (MedNous)

Can adaptive licensing bridge the gap between regulatory and HTA evidentiary standards? (TOPRA)

European Commission focuses on ‘lessons learnt’ from Paediatric Legislation (TOPRA)

Industry raises some concerns over PRACticalities of pharmacovigilance hearings (TOPRA)

The EU Transparency Directive: Changes afoot on pricing and reimbursement (MedNous)

Rebuilding the EU clinical trials framework (MedNous)

Avastin vs Lucentis: The drug reimbursement dilemma of the century (MedNous)

EU pharmacovigilance legislation: Industry scrambles to meet the new rules (MedNous)

NICE exports its health technology expertise (MedNous)

What’s next for the EU Clinical Trials Directive (MedNous)

Why health technology assessment is here to stay (MedNous)

Europe to tackle antimicrobial resistance (MedNous)

FDA lays out regulatory science strategy (MedNous)

UK shuffle will undermine stem cell progress (Scrip Regulatory Affairs)

Optimism in the UK biosciences sector (Scrip Regulatory Affairs)

Global Compliance: Nowhere Left to Hide (Scrip Regulatory Affairs)

B2B: Pharmaceutical supply chain & international trade

EC consults on equivalence test for imported APIs (SecuringPharma)

CJEU ruling on in-transit goods sheds some light on detainment conundrum (SecuringPharma)

ACTA’s impact on generics questionable (SecuringPharma)

Cambodian wholesalers urgently need anti-counterfeiting guidelines (SecuringPharma)

FDA says pharmaceutical industry must take responsibility for supply chain security (SecuringPharma)

Low drug prices may hinder the fight against counterfeits (SecuringPharma)

USTR wants stronger anti-counterfeiting measures in Asia-Pacific (SecuringPharma)

Closer scrutiny of foreign active pharmaceutical ingredients on the Horizon (SecuringPharma)